We offer after market ignition electronics for classic motorbikes and vintage cars, including:
  • Digital ignition systems for almost 100 different types of motorcycles
  • Universal ignition systems for engines with flywheel and other applications
  • Alternator regulators for almost all older and many new alternator types
  • Accessories such as aluminium lids, caps, spacer rings, plug caps, etc.
  • Ignition coils and special ignition coil sets for various models
  • Forks and shocks
  • Custom solutions on request
It is also possible to order all individual parts of the ignition system as an additional or spare part. The ignition systems are made in a flexible way so they can be used in almost every two- and four-stroke application. All conventional breaker point ignitions can be converted without much effort and additional costs . The same applies to TCI and CDI systems. However, with CDI ignition systems also the ignition coil(s) need to be changed.

We can adapt our ignition system to your racing bike and program it with your customised advance curves and rev limiter settings.

You own a classic bike or vintage car that is not yet listed? Then feel free to contact us.

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